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Will i lose the riviews on a gig if i delete the gig?

Hello guys! :slight_smile:

Am posting this question to the house, i would appreciate your answers, thanks!

If you delete the gig, people won’t be able to see the old reviews and they will be gone, but I would think they would still be calculated in your overall review score.

I would suggest pausing the gig. This is not permanent but may yield the same results.

Yes it’s best to pause it, it will not effect your overall review score. I just did this and my overall rating still shows since I just put out a new gig and wanted to pause my old one. All the best to you with your gigs.

Reply to @landongrace: thanks

No you can’t loss your reviews if you are delete your gigs

i dnt think if we suspend the gig and delete the gig are different…all have same effect…the negative review will not go also no effect in postive rating…so delete the gig and suspend the gig are same…if your gig have more review dont delete the gig…if its have only one or two review better delete it…

positive rating calculating from over all review…

for example…from 14 reviews in all gigs…13 are 5 stars and one is 3.6 star…then out of 70 ( ie, 14×5 = 70 ) our rating is 68.6 ( 13×5 = 65 and + 3.6 , total = 68.6) so positive rating = 68.6/70 * 100 = 98%

so if we delete the gig or suspend the gig in this case the -1.4 (5-3.6 = 1.4) review will effect in our future total reviews….so i think both have same effect…so if your gig have one or two review delete it…if have more review dont delete…try to improve that particular gig rating…

Level 2 is 20 gig, yes?

If I pause 5 gigs, can I create another 5?

So I would have a total of 25 gigs but only 20 active?

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This was from 2015.