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Will i pay for this buyer's "mistake"?

Over the past three months, I have spent days and even sleeping at 3 AM just to get my gig on the first page of the search engine. I have delivered quality work to clients who have rated me 5 stars in all the reviewed orders. I WORKED MYSELF OUT.
Until a buyer(new on the platform) decides to "TEST HOW FIVER WORKS" using my gig that I struggled to raise it to the first page.
He has ordered and then canceled the order immediately. I have not yet accepted his refund request yet.
I do not want my gig to fall in ranking. Since there’s nothing wrong I have done. I am paying for HIS MISTAKES.
Kindly tell me how he can get his refund without my gig getting affected,



The only way is to contact Customer Support and request that they cancel it without affecting your profile. Even then, it might not work. They are taking upwards of ten days to get to new tickets, so your not-client will be inconvenienced, if they’re expecting an immediate cancellation/refund.

If a cancellation ends up affecting your account, it will stop after 60 days:


Thank you so much for your help. I have contacted the CS and I am optimistic they will assist.

That’s not how it works. Taking this approach will hurt you a lot more than one buyer.

If your plan was working, the actions of one buyer wouldn’t affect you.


It is unfortunate, but I guess that’s how it is. You could try contacting CS and asking them to cancel the order from their end so it that it doesn’t affect your gig (although, I am not exactly sure if it works that way). I have had similar customers who straight up place an order when my gig description clearly asks them to reach out with a message before placing an order, so I understand your problem to a degree. However, one cancellation shouldn’t really affect your gig position by much I think.

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Thank you for the advise.

At least you have an option. I got scammed by someone that told me to cancel a $30 order that I completed, it had a rush fee there too. They said they will go to customer support and accuse me of copyright infringement or give me a 1 star review if I don’t cancel.

I went to customer support, they didn’t reply until now, and unfortunately the person in question did a paypal dispute. This is the 3rd time in 60 days this happens, it seems there’s a new type of scam running around. And not only does the seller not get paid, there’s also the penalty for cancellation. So obviously there are many other challenges.


Sorry for the experiences. I hope Fiverr finds a solution to dealing with such buyers.

Wow! This is really tragic, people can be so cruel.

Well since customer support is busy, I didn’t receive any reply yet, and that person did a paypal refund, so the chances of me getting paid for my work are 0 at this point. It was 5 days ago, so even if CS replies, not sure what else they can do at this point.

It’s not the first time either, in fact I ended up dealing with this scam 3 times in the past 2 months. They only focus on fast delivery gigs, place a large order, then they send almost the same message to cancel if not they give a 1-star review. I don’t cancel, but they do a paypal refund and close the account, then use a new one.


Did you loose your cash in all 3?

Yes. It was a paypal chargeback for all 3. When that happens, the buyer account is automatically deleted and they get their money back.

Obviously this forced me to remove my fast delivery option on every gig.

Hmm, doing that may decrease your sale a little bit with time. I really don’t know how anyone can resolve this, I feel like it’s the same person and you’re probably their target.

I’m not the only target. One of the accounts that did this to me also had a negative review from someone else before they went with the paypal chargeback. So it’s definitely something that happens to others, as I assume some people canceled to just get rid of the issue. But they just don’t speak up.

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Something similar happened with me a buyer ordered 2 projects with us and he was happy to begin with us.
But suddenly he got some emergency work and as per his request and I have to cancel both orders mutually.
Results of this my gig impressions tanked and no new clicks in last 20 days. My order completion rate fell from 93%. And I’m going to promoted to level 1 this month and demoted back to level0 in few days all due to buyer’s emergency work.

Hi @donnovan86. Could you please bother to explain how this happened? I don’t see how it is possible, but if it is, as sellers, we should understand such things and take steps to protect ourselves. How does having fast delivery affect this situation? And as far as I know, buyers cannot withdraw their money back even if they get a refund from Fiverr. It stays in the Fiverr wallet for all I know. Does the refund money get reverted to PayPal if they use that to pay?

One of my customers accidentaly ordered twice. He didn’t fill the order requirements and asked for a dispute right away. I accepted it and It looks as a canceled order, but my completion rate stayed 100%. So if customer doesn’t fill the requirements, I don’t think it affects the completion rate.

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Yes, and your order gets canceled, their account is automatically disabled. But they can create a new one.

Well, they targeted only fast deliveries. In my case, I offered fast delivery only for my $5 gig, so people can get it in a day instead of 2 days. However… these scammers purchased $20 worth of content even if the fast delivery is only for $5. So they forced me to do more work for a faster delivery. Since I had surgery and dealt with multiple cancellations, I was forced to basically do the work just to avoid yet another cancellation.

The next day after delivery, they came and asked for a cancellation, without showing any proof. They told me to either cancel the order or I will get a 1-star review because the content is copyrighted. When I told them I will go to customer support, they saw that I won’t refund, so they filed for a PayPal dispute and Fiverr accepts those automatically.

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So as I understand it, the cancellation was initiated from Paypal and not from Fiverr? If this is true, Fiverr should really do something about this. Also, I think they took the fast delivery option because perhaps Paypal has a time limit on the eligibility for such cancellations. In that case, it is best not to offer one-day deliveries. I am not very familiar with Paypal regulations since I do not use it much, but looking into this could perhaps give us some more understanding. Also, if they cancel through Paypal, I wonder whose cancellation initiation is it counted by Fiverr.


You will be penalized for the cancellation if they do this, if they cancel or if you cancel. Either way, you are facing the cancellation penalty no matter what.