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Will i receive payment?


Hi Fiverr community, hope you’re doing well :slight_smile:

Around a week ago, I delivered some gigs to a customer; she said she liked it and everything was fine. Naturally, I assumed she was going to review the orders, make a comment and henceforth I will receive a notification for my payment. I waited a day, and i had yet to hear from her. I then contacted her multiple times and Its been more than a week now, but my problem still remains. What shall I do? Will I get my payment regardless of her review? All solutions are deeply appreciated!


Reply to @voiceoverwork:


Thank you very much, I see my payment is being processed. Thank a lot!




When you deliver and Buyer doesn’t complete the order, it will auto-complete in 3 days. Then in 14 days the funds will be available for withdrawal.

You can check your orders under the SALES link, Manage Sales and Revenue links and check your ACTIVE, PENDING and CLEARED orders.

What is the current status of the order?