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Will it affect my profile? Please help

Hello everyone!

Don’t know what just happened.!!!

Someone contacted me and asked for the service, it was the tips and tricks of PUBG MOBILE.
First of all, he doesn’t know English well, he can’t even write it properly.
The second is, he BLOCKED ME without any reason.

Will it affect my profile? Please help me!!!

Hi @komal_bhangu
There will be no problem. He is not accepting your offer that’s it.

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Just looks like the potential buyer got frustrated with the communication and gave up. Blocked you and then moved on to the next seller hoping they may just “read their mind” and know how many tips they need.

Don’t worry, you did nothing wrong, in fact, you handled it fine. You were just trying to gather more information so you could charge them correctly or send them the link or an offer to the right Gig.

It should not affect your Gig per se - but, you do have to remember that I think Fiverr takes into account those who message us to inquire about our services and it does not convert to a sale. THAT may impact your Gig a tad.

But you are not going to get a warning or anything like that.



thank you so much for your such a kind advice

But I haven’t made any offer to him till now!