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Will it be a problem if I upload a large Gig Image with maintaining the ratio?

Fiverr is recommending to make Gig image 690x426 px

If I make image 1035x639 px (1.5x)
or, 1380x852 px (2x)

Will it be a problem?

It won’t be a problem if it’s a bigger version of the correct aspect ratio.

If they click on it once they’re on the gig page and they have a high desktop resolution it might still not be high res enough really once it displays it full screen. Ideally you could make the gig image around 1920 wide at the correct aspect ratio for screens of that size if you wanted it to display at the highest quality for those screens (or higher for higher res screens/desktops). The higher res images might take a bit longer to load though.

Thank you @uk1000,
I just want to make it comfortable for both Mobile and Desktop viewer.

For that case, which ratio you support most?
And if I use a Large ratio won’t it be the same before they view?

I’m not sure the best ratio for both. There have been forum thread(s) saying what looks right on one doesn’t look right on the other.

I’d still go with 1.619:1 though.

Maybe someone else can say what ratio they think works best on both. Also I’d make sure any text isn’t too close to the edge on any image you create, just in case of cropping.

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