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Will it be a problem? Veterans please tell

I had a query. Suppose i provide content writing service from my account at my place. But there is another person who wants to provide this service, he will obviously create a account from his place. He lives somewhere else.

My query is suppose if he sometimes visits me(keeping in mind that we both provide same content writing service) but he has fiverr installed on his mobile, and connects to my internet, will it be a problem for me since we both are providing same service but obviously his accounts are made using his details and my account using mine. We are friends and both of us provide this service. Can we both use our own account at a same time at a same place?


I can’t see this being an issue provided that all your other account details like payment method are different and you don’t start playing silly games where you order each other’s services and rate each other as “Best Eva Supa #1 Brilliant Excellence”.

Is there to be the pitter-patter of subscript letters?



Oh yes obviously we wont order each other. We both are not scammers. So still should i ask the CS?

Was there any reason I responded? Sheesh.

Go ask CS then and see if they like your manners any better.



Sorry if i sounded rude. I didnt meant that way at all. I trust your opinion fully. I was just saying that should i contact the cs?

I dont understand this. I didnt meant to be rude at all and i wasnt.

You shouldn’t risk it.

It is a BIG risk as Fiverr staff told me back in 2018 that there is no manual checking for this sort of thing.

It’s automatic.

And there’s no reversing the ban.

So open a ticket with CS but IMO even if a CS agent gives you the OK, I wouldn’t trust it.

There is no way if your friend visits your place and logs in the app using your IP that it won’t get picked up by the system.


So either one of us should stop the service or dont login into their apps/desktop version when visiting each other?

As much as I understand the internet and networking communication, there is no way Fiverr can guess you both are at the same geographic co-ordinates. They can only compare IP addresses.

So don’t share the WiFi. Easy.

or dont login into their apps/desktop version when visiting each other?

The problem is with two accounts sharing IPs -however sporadically- and both accounts selling the same service.

You have been warned.


So the answer is simple it will be a problem. Right?
what if we logout of our apps when we visit each other?

@frank_d I did asked the CS as well. CS told this is okay. There is no problem in this. So little confused even though you told its risky.

well there you go, problem solved then.

So what do you say? I am okay with it or i shouldnt risk it?

That being said, if the account was initially created from a different location and will only temporarily share your friend’s internet/location, then this is ok.

Let me know if you have any further questions or concerns.

this is their response

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I told you what I think above.

You can do whatever you want.


Hmm, thanks for the help. To be on safe side, i wont risk it