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Will it create any bad impact on my account? because my gig was deny

Hey guys!
I am new here in the Fiverr market place. I didn’t have much knowledge about any other online market place also.
Last 2 days ago, I created a new gig on my business card design. I didn’t have any mockup to 3d preview in my gig of gig photo. So, I searched over the internet and had found an amazing mockup. I have chosen that and that was my big mistake.
However, I designed everything and then gone to upload my gig…After publishing the gig, within a minute Fiverr deny my gig …
NOw I would like to know if it make any bad impact on my Freelancing journey with Fiverr?Anything else that might be with me?
I am new here so it needs to know for me.
I am sorry if I made any mistakes in my words…

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I did’t asked for any solution…
I just wanted to know that will it create any bad impact on my fiverr journey or fiverr account inside or outside?

Before creating an account, you had to read and you agreed to Fiverr TOS. And you have broken one of the violations already. You can’t steal any work from nowhere: it has to be original image. You can get warnings for these things.

I don’t get it. If you are offering “Business Card” services, why don’t you take some time and create a professional image by your own instead of stealing from the internet?

Yes, since you’ve already broken Fiverr rules, you could’ve gotten a warning for this.

Well, I didn’t steal any design from the internet. I just have taken a mockup from the internet and that was my mistake. I told you the whole thing… As a new, I didn’t know that it will create any bad impact on my gig. I seen many guys who also using these kinds of mockups from the internet.

Mockup was still taken from the internet either way, and you can’t do that.

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Yeap. That was my mistake. I didn’t know about this. The reason i mentioned in my post.
Thank you. I leant something new from you…