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Will it hurt gig ranking if i get clicks from facebook?(exceptional case)

I’m confused a little now!

  1. If I share my gig in facebook group where everyone is going to click on your gig to give you more clicks and views(you all know such type of groups), and off course they are not clicking with the intention of buying. Will it effect negatively on gig ranking when so many clicks but no order or will it improve a gig which is not yet ranked at any keyword. If it affects negatively then how it can hurta gig more when gig was not even ranking at any keyword, before.

  2. I know that gig favourites aren’t going to help at all, but those favourite excgange groups can bring a lot of traffic(click, views). Will it benefit gigs in terms of rankings?

  3. I’ve read on other forums that ranking just improves when you have orders with great reviews. But how someone can even have orders when he has no ranking. It’s like which came first egg or hen?

  4. If all of this does not work then please suggest me some ways to get my gig ranked? I’ve tried different keywords but nothing is working.

extra question: will increasing my price make my gig rank higher?
Your guidance is highly appreciated…

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Gig ranking is calculated with algorithm that is known to only a few people in Fiverr company.

Ratios between impressions / clicks / views and most important conversions together with reviews are the analytics data that are surely used in that algorithm.

Back to your concerns:

  1. Clicks and views will not help gig ranking with no conversions. Keywords are just precondition for impressions -> clicks -> views.

  2. Traffic is good but probably not from “exchange groups” you are talking about. This again will not likely bring any conversions. Almost every serious seller search for quality traffic! Focus rather on that.

  3. Reviews often help sellers to get more orders. “How someone can get order without ranking?” With quality, good looking gig, trustworthy profile, patience and luck.

In no way promising eg. stunning post-production… What exactly is stunning post-production? Professional video editing… Again what does that mean? Look around your category and find someone who is not professional. What I mean here is that this wording is often used to fill empty spaces only.

  1. Where do you want your gig to stand? On a first page of search results? Ask yourself a question if there is a reason for that with your gig. Think about it.

Extra question: Generally the prices increase in case of positive demand to offer ratio. The category is oversaturated and your level is low. So the answer is no.

Good luck.


Thanks a lot for your detailed reply,
I totally agree with your points. I think patience and luck is very important, as I have seen some sellers who joined fiverr after me like, in march 2020, in my same category and their gig is not that much quality, even tags are not that good, but their gig got ranked and now they are getting bunch of orders.
And I am also looking for quality traffic but I don’t think that now sharing on social media like facebook, twitter etc is going to help at all, as so many newbies are also promoting their services a lot. Do you have any tips for quality traffic.

Quality traffic is not obvious, it has to be built. It also may take longer time.

Think about potential clients as future traffic providers. It is one of the marketing practise to feed on clients traffic. Must be done wisely and clearly.

Answering every single Buyer request is a way that many sellers adore.

But what about to respond and send a killer offer to some requests only? Requests that could potentially start building more traffic in future. Eg. A gamer wants a video edit. Go 100% for that. Company wants a commercial video, maybe go for it if you like the business they do, etc… You got the point.

I would definitely recommend you to read and wisely follow what most successful and senior sellers say here in forum. I am not senior seller here at all, just like you - a newbie.:slight_smile:


Thanks for your precious points.

The social clicks don’t affect gig ranking. I used to share my gig on twitter daily, and earned 14-20 average link clicks daily. But, that didn’t convert to orders. And it does not guarantee, if someone visits your gig and he can see more services down your gig description labelled as " Recommended for you " The seller may buy those services although ye visited your gig. So, one may not guarantee anything.