Will late delivery affect standing?


Hello, I had a buyer not replying after ordering the past 2 days. However, she requested a revision when it was the time of deadline. She’s totally okay with it being late, but if I deliver late, would it appear in my profile? Thank you!


you can deliver your work is bad affect on your profile


I see, it’ll reflect on what appears on my profile?


it will not appear on your profile to other seller but will show to you and bad effect on you profile it will appear there (late)


The delivered on time stat does not appear publicly so buyers will not see it.
It is impossible to know for sure if it affects your rankings etc but I do remember @cyaxrex mentioning that he noticed a big difference when his on time rating went below 80% I think so you should always try to be on time.
You can also use the resolution center to ask for more time.


Up until 2-days ago.

Percentage of my gigs delivered on time = 0%.


Thaaaank you very much!


I see, but buyers are fine with it?