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Will LVL2 increase my sales without promoting myself?

Since January till today I made almost 300$. In January 2015 I started with my business here at fiverr. Well, I was not much in search tab, I was promoting myself everyday. Can I finally stop promoting myself? How is your experience on fiverr? Im at 90% to become a lvl2. Will LVL2 increase my sales without promoting myself?

Please top sellers and lvl2 give me an answer or tell me your story.

Yes as per my research and reading forum… it will increase your sales. maintain 100% rating with level 2…

Ah, my rate is 100%, 15 reviews and 47 sales… soon I might get LVL. Damn, I was hoping that it will increase my sales :confused:

I hope this wont die, need more lvl 2 answers :slight_smile:

Reply to @careem: It doesn’t make any concrete difference. My sales have gone up and down just as much as a non-level, level 1 and level 2. The best way to make consistent sales is to promote yourself off of Fiverr - drive your own traffic to your own gigs.

Reply to @itsyourthing: I do that. However, got 5-8 orders per day 3days in a row since I was offering 200 FB likes for 5$ and I had GIG promote your anylink to more than 3.000.000 members. I had awesome business at fiverr and customer satisfaction with impressive reviews. Afterwards I created two new gigs, asked support if the gigs are ok and then they removed my add 200 likes from search tab and denied my promotion gig. They said that this wont be allowed at fiverr anymore, but i see more than 500 gigs with promoting on FB and add 200 likes. They crushed my business, however I created my new gigs now and I think there will be needed again months to get such traffic unless if I promote myself as a madman. So afterall I was hoping that LVL 2 could help me now

Reply to @careem: Nope, it won’t help in any absolute way. It might shift you around in search results/impressions, but that can happen to any seller or gig at any time.

Reply to @itsyourthing: I just got lvlup. I think this might be custom made! :slight_smile: Im so happy now! We will see now! Just got a new order, but I dont think this was cos of LVL2 or maybe :slight_smile:

Reply to @careem: Maybe. Good luck to you!

Reply to @itsyourthing: Thanks :slight_smile: