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Will mutual cancellation. Affect my profile


Hello so i m a seller working really hard and had no previous cancellation always delivered on time with 100℅ review will canceling an order I really am not available for do much damage I really need help and worried!!


This question has been answered so many times. Any time of cancellation affect our order completion rate. There are also so many negative effects. You will lost the revenue for that order. Your gig ranking go down. Try to contact the buyer and extend the delivery time.


Cancelling too many orders may adversely affect your placement in Fiverr search results and in your gig’s Fiverr category. There are times when you may have to cancel an order. It is wise, however, not to make those times too numerous. One or two cancellations may be okay, but any more than that can have significant effects.


I once contacted customer support and asked them to cancel an order for me without harming my cancellation rate, because the buyer wanted me to write a pitch for an illegal “business.” CS told me they couldn’t do anything, and to do a mutual cancellation. They told me it wouldn’t harm my gig ranking much. I don’t know how true that is but that’s what I was told.


Yeah, that’s so weird. “Not much” is still harming. Not sure why a seller should be punished for a buyer requesting illegal work.


Yes It really does piss me off I have worked so hard and noe a crqxt mistake and its my fault?!really fiver?


What if i and the buyer come to a solution? then should i withdraw the dispute will it still impact if i withdraw dispute? and keep working on the project?


New thing for me… I am learning Fiverr now. Its really difficult to stay safe in here


If the order is not cancelled, then it would have no effect at all.


I think it’s better to tell buyers outrightly from the start that what they’d expect in the end. Otherwise, you’d run into serious troubles that might lead to this.


i do but no matter what buyers dont even read desc im saying we start a petition to get more security and fairness for sellers


It has to be done sometimes. I would not worry about it as long as your cancellations are ones that can’t be helped. They do make a distinction between cancellations that can’t be helped and those that can.


yes a little fairness would be great, we work so hard and then have one bad buyer and it is all over, I am in a rutt myself currently with a horrible buyer I know that even if I meet all of there demands I will be reviewed poorly I want to come to a mutual just so I can handle this matter without the negativity.