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Will my account be blocked?

Hi I started drawing on Fiverr. I created one Gig 1 week ago. I received an order the next day. I have 2 orders in total. I got 5 stars from 2 of them. We can get along very well. But I don’t know English very much. I could not pass the exam. Will my account be blocked because I don’t speak English? However, we can deal without any problems. They throw me visuals and I draw. Please say I will not be blocked.


Hi brother, your english is good i understood every single word you said - fiverr will not ban you on that, but i must say please read Terms of Services:

this link will give you more knowledge, :+1:


No, your account won’t be blocked! I can understand your post perfectly. Have confidence in your English. Believe me, there are many others on these forums and on Fiverr with English that makes no sense whatsoever!

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That’s not a problem, but you should add your native language to your profile as well. It’ll help buyers understand when there’s a miscommunication. If you have a hard time understanding what a buyer is asking for, make sure to ask questions and not try to assume what they mean.

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I send a sketch in every step I do while drawing. I continue to draw if they approve, so we have no problem. I hope fiverr does not upset me :slight_smile: thank you for your answers.

your account will not blocked but it effect your sells most probably

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why is that? I get along very easily. I am sending the draft of the drawing, if it approves, I continue. I got 5 stars from my 2 jobs.