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Will my account get banned if I login from my Laptop and from my mobile as well?

I was inactive in my account which I opened in my laptop a year ago and now I am about to start it all over again. A week ago I logged in from my mobile and opened a new account cause I thought my account had been disabled but now when I logged in I found my account still here. So, in this case, I logged in from my mobile to my old account. Please let me know if there is any chance my account might get banned…

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No you won’t get banned, you can login your account on any device at the same time

@solomon1a I suggest you read the whole post, not just the title.

@sazzadfarhaan If discovered, it is likely both of your accounts will be banned, for having two accounts is against TOS.


You need to close one of your accounts. Only one account per person is allowed.

In a strait word no you can use.Its seems you are using more then one account.

Ah, sorry, in that case yes your both account will be banned permanently. Close one account before Fiverr get you.

Thank you Sir! Now if I deactivate the new account and start working in my old account would that save my account from getting banned??

I suggest you deactivate one of your accounts and look for a way to get it permanently deleted. Maybe tell CS that you want it permanently closed for some personal reason and see where it goes.

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