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Will my account gona to suspend in evaluation?

I am new here and someone have cheated me. I worked as he describe but he give me 1 star rating.
Now i have 3 star rating. Will my account going to suspend on 15 July evaluation?

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Not its just for evaluation,you didn’t lose your account

Your buyer did not cheat you just because he chose to leave a 1-star review. He was allowed to share whatever review he felt reflected his experience working with you. Perhaps he did not share your views of the work you delivered.

You will not be suspended just because you have a low review, but you will have to work very hard to deliver better work that earns better reviews.

If you want to find customers who will purchase your services, it is time for you to start marketing your gig.


Your buyer said: “All fool. Took my money and not done listing. He told me wait I will do. First accept the listing and then I will show you. I paid him and accept now he has blocked me.”

Your response: “I am fool? Are you not? You are asking me for a local listing in the country where you do not have a business Nor a ID proof. Is all people in google are mad or fool?”

It looks like you accepted to do something, but couldn’t actually do it. If what you say is correct (minus offending the buyer), you should have cancelled the order, not tell your buyer to accept the order.

Anyway, to answer your question, a low rating won’t get you banned, but unprofessional behavior might.


Your buyer was right to leave the review they did.

If you need information to do a gig, which obviously you do, you need to state it in your gig description.

Your gig says ‘I Will Show Your Small Business On Google At Top’ - that’s quite a claim. You’re not really offering to do that - you’re creating a ‘Google My Business’ listing. It may help a business, but it won’t definitely get the to the top of Google.