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Will my deliver on time rate go down for this?

Ok, so its a very basic thing and I kinda also know this but still i am asking this because its the first time it happened with me and I am a bit worried…

So there was an order which I needed to complete yesterday 31st jan, and i did completed it on time (4 hours were still left), and then the client asked for a revision… So I told him that yeaahh its totally fine I did a mistake (it was Basically a mistake from my side) so I will complete as soon as possible…

Now after that, the 4 hours that was stopped previously again started to continue and its very obvious, I knew that when those 4 hours will get over i will get a late symbol and its fine coz I have previously read this on forum that if you deliver your work on time and then if you get a late symbol at the time of revision then its fine it wouldn’t affect your on time delivery rate but my main concern is after that timer finished another timer of 24 hours started, I don’t know what timer was that, I delivered the revised work the timer stopped and another revision was requested (I offered 5 revisions) it was a very small change, that needed to be done and that 24 hours timer again started from the point where it ended previously and now when I was about to submit the work again I CAN SEE THE INFAMOUS LATE SYMBOL WRITTEN.

So now would my on time delivery rate go down for this, I really don’t know. Once again I did submitted the main work on time and on my orders section also, my order is marked as priority not as late…

I have never been in this position (as I don’t offer to-the-wire delivery times) but my understanding that so long as you made your Delivery in the Delivery Box and the customer used the Revision process, delivery time is not actually counted anymore.

I’m sure someone who has actually been through this can confirm.


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Well, actually for me also this is the first time it happened, I delivered the delivery so late (I had some health issues so it took a bit time), but still it was within the 4 days duration that I requested for…

And yeahhh that is the general thing that everybody knows, so I do hope it doesn’t effects my on time delivery…Though I am not sure about my scenario.
And also on my orders page I had the order on my priority list not on the late list so I do think it wouldn’t effect.

Still thank you so much for your reply

As long as you delivered the order BEFORE the delivery time expired the FIRST time you are OK and will NOT (should not!) be penalized. That late thing pops up when someone asks for a revision and it is after the clock is done ticking.



Yepp, thank you so much, finally I am relieved… :grinning:

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