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Will my delivery be considered LATE or ON TIME?

Hi, Just wanted to ask What happens if I deliver the project on time but my buyer does not complete the order.
More specifically what happens to my “ON TIME DELIVERY PERCENTAGE” if my buyer completes the order after deadline ends.
Will my delivery be considered LATE or ON TIME?

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As long as you deliver before the order goes late, then all is well. The buyer can either accept the delivery, or if they don’t (which happens all the time) it will just auto complete in 3 days time. However it won’t be late in either instance. Just make sure you deliver before the deadline and you have no problems.


What happens if my buyer dont accept the delivery and asks for a modification after the deadline ends? Obviously then I will have to deliver it again. Will that be considered LATE Since its delivered after the deadline?

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If you’ve done first revision within 24h then no. I have tons of order where clock says ‘LATE’ but they’re actually never late. Buyers just ask for revision after the deadline. It won’t affect your ratings or anything.


Ok Thanks to both of you for the information.

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First off you only have to deliver a modification if it is included in your gig, otherwise they have to buy it. But no, once you deliver on time the first time, you cannot be late unless you sell an extra which lets say is 2 days, then you have to deliver that within the two days.

According to your question i think was it mean that is Someone order and not complete the brief, but the clockdown is started?

If you have buyer that order your gig but not complete the requirement then please do this 2 thing

  1. Don’t ever start the order by press the button (this is new fiverr feature) that Said you have everything you need.
    This will make the countdown start but you don’t have anything to work on.
    Delivering an empty result at this rate will make you get a fiverr warning.

  2. If for some reason your buyer start the order but didn’t gave you complete brief for you to work until you reach your deadline, please ask for some extra time.
    It is much better than you send an empty delivery.

Please Note : DELIVERING AN EMPTY DELIVERY will cause you any trouble and it is against fiverr rules so please don’t do it.

I’m sorry if i misunderstood what you mean but according to your question I think this is what you mean.

Because how can we deliver a job if it’s not completed.