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Will my first warning stop me from leveling up

Hi, I am on my way to leveling up at level 2 the next evaluation period. Now Fiverr give me a warning that I am communicating with clients off the platform. A client purchased my service and after she does ask if I can have a quick zoom call just for her to explain it better because it was clear in the requirement. After all that I woke up today to a warni g from Fiverr. My question is I need 30/30 warning to level up now I am seeing 0/30. How long will it takes to go back to 30/30. Will I every be able to level up again?


Check this out: Fiverr’s Levels

Your account is now at risk!

Check this out: Don’t do it! … You Have Been Warned! if you want to protect your account.


Yes for lvl up again but it won’t make you lvl up this time, one of the condition is avoiding a warning for the last 30 days, so until april 15, there are 20 days remaining.

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Thank you. So I will be able to level up hopefully May 15th?