Will my flagged message cause a late order?


I’m a bit nervous here, my order delivery has been automatically flagged for review by Fiverr “within 24 hours”, yet my order is due in 12 hours and the timer is still ticking…if it is not reviewed by Fiverr staff before the deadline, will I be penalised with a late order?


I am quite sure your order “Delivery” was NOT flagged, rather the message that you sent to your buyer on the ORDER page was.

Messages containing “Keywords” that violates Terms Of Service for using Fiverr gets “Flagged” automatically for review.

The reviews are concluded within a 24hr time period, so if your message is important for the order, I would suggest that you rephrase it.

Since the original flagging is due to possible violation of Fiverr’s TOS, I cannot conclusively say whether you will be penalised for a late order.

So establish contact with your buyer, if you need more time, you can click on the “Resolution” option on the top right corner of the order page to request extension of delivery time.

Good luck!:thumbsup:


It was the delivery message that was flagged because I used the keywords "you can message me here fiverr.com/conversations/techassistuk " so I can understand it being flagged (even though no rules were broken, because it was a fiverr messaging link) but as the order has not been marked as complete until the review, the timer is still running and there’s no option for me to re-deliver it without those keywords. I just hope it gets reviewed before it becomes a late order or that any late penalties would be removed in this situation.


I have informed the buyer already although they won’t have seen it yet as it will be the middle of the night where they are located.

Thanks for your advice


No Problem.

The Maximum time taken for a review is 24hrs. I have seen them cleared within as little as couple hours.

The average is about 6-8hrs.

In the future I would recommend notifying Customer Service in case of emergency and if you have NOT violated Fiverr TOS.



Why wouldn’t you be able to deliver it again, but without those keywords? Couldn’t you write something like “Please let me know if you need me to change something, or if you have any questions or concerns”?


There wasn’t an option to deliver again, only a “send message”. The buyer is a repeat buyer so he knows the status of the order and how I normally work I was just marking as complete because he would likely not have seen my message before the order deadline (he’s fine with this).

Here is the options available: http://i.imgur.com/XziOn7d.png
And the timer is still counting down: http://i.imgur.com/7iJgOZC.png


So, there isn’t “Deliver Again” button at the top of the order page? Strange (or maybe not, maybe that’s what happens when a message is flagged on the order page).

I hope there will be no penalties.


Don`t want to horrify you but what you did might get your account banned/restricted. “Dummy Delivery” is against the Fiverr ToS.


In the past Fiverr has been very reasonable about it IF the buyer has OK’d it and especially if the work is complex like this one sounds. On the other hand, they’ve been extreme with message flags lately.

I am guessing this was more likely based on the contact phrasing or the link. I’ve had non-order messages flagged for putting ordinary profile URLs in a message. Hopefully the OP will update. Tough situation!


Fiverr now also has a feature that if the seller tries to send something in the conversations / the order page which isn`t allowed and might get marked for manual review adds a red border around the typing box. Perhaps the OP might have missed it. (It also works on the Delivery message)


Unfortunately, the red border doesn’t appear for everything that could be problematic. People get their messages flagged without having the slightest idea or a warning that they might have done something wrong.


Hi again all, quick update. It appears it has been reviewed and accepted fine, I haven’t heard anything from Fiverr about it but it was resolved within the time limit for the order so no bad stats this time :smiley:

I think the issue was likely just caused by the phrasing that I used saying “message me here” without it taking into account the Fiverr link that followed.

In response to taverr, I do a lot of jobs involving email setup for buyers and I always get the red outline on most of my messages just for containing the word “email” or having an email address. Back when I first started selling on here communicating email addresses was strictly forbidden according to the rules but after I posted a suggestion on the forum about making it allowed for certain types of gigs they amended the rules and allowed it as long as it was required for the gig (but all communications still must go through Fiverr).