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Will my gig out of listing for some time if I update my Pricing?

I want to update my pricing but I have fear of losing my gig ranking.

Please help.


That’s a question I too have. I would like to update my pricing but won’t edit my gigs since it can sometimes have an unwanted affect.

It might or might not hurt the gig. If you don’t get sales and have bad rankings it probably won’t matter.

but I am getting few sales and that’s why I have fear of loosing it

No one can tell you that answer because it might or might not. No one can predict it.

Do your spell works on getting more sales? :sweat_smile:

No…20 characters

I did’t get you???

Please don’t direct more messages at me thank you. I regret this entire effort to help.

We have to put 20 characters (letters) in our answers or this site won’t accept them. So I wrote out 20 characters.

I updated my prices many times and my gig placement was not changed … there is currently a problem with the search algorithm , I don’t think than your gig visibility would change if you update your prices

don’t update your gigs, it possible you lost gigs rank.