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Will My Gigs Be Ranked Low, If My Buyer Request is Declined or Cancelled By the Client?


  1. Will my gigs be ranked low, if the buyer cancels or declines my buyer request offer? Is this true, or a myth which should be debunked?

Being a new seller, I don’t get too many buyer requests that are related to my gigs. This makes it very difficult to send an offer.

  1. Do you get buyer requests that are related to your gigs? If you don’t, then do you send offers to buyer requests that are not related to your gigs?

:slightly_smiling_face: Share your thoughts!


1)gigs ranked low if you edit your gig /if you are not active day by day/if buyer cancel order and many many option there for down a gig rank…but these are main point

Absolutely not, having an offer declined or cancelled will not affect your stats. Other things like cancellation of orders, late deliveries, … will do.

Your BUYER REQUEST section will always display requests related to your gig’s categories. So it’s not possible for you to send offers to requests that are not related to your gigs because you won’t see them.

I hope this helps!


Thanks for replying :pray::slightly_smiling_face:

Either the Fiverr algorithm is partial to certain key words and only showing buyer requests related to them. In my case, for my sihouette gig I gave silhouette, silhouetteart, silhouettes, illustrations and vector art as the key words. But, I’m only getting buyer requests related to “illustrations” and “vectorart”.

The other reason might be that Fiverr doesn’t have too many clients for silhouettes, and so I don’t get buyer requests for silhouettes. :cry::sob:

You get BR as per category of the gig, not keywords. So everyone who clicked on illustration when typing BR will be visible to you.

It will be hard to find siluete br. Something that specific maybe they will use search not BR.
The best thing is to have one gig under other category because a lot of buyers have no idea what is what they need and put it in other so you see more BR.

But most of the time BR will not be directly related to your specific service.

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