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Will my gigs decrease traffic after changing title?

I see is all analytics is N/A now, is this happen when I ever changed something on my gig?

I am the new seller, thing I want to ask:

  1. When I changed my gig title, will it change my gig performance?
    If yes, I don’t know this get impact to my gig before.
    I got many chat and boost sales on my first day gig.

Because of my gig is based on facebook advertising update tos, I need to always change it.
I did change my title, description, packages, and all that now is not the original after 1st published.

Today, I don’t get any chat or order. That’s so sick.
If this my fault, how to get my traffic back like the 1st published?
Do I need to publish the previous 1st launched gig?
If yes, I have other problem is I forgot how I wrote my gig description and title.
Do fiverr save my history title, description, and all my activity on seller mode?

Thank you for your time
Hope you give solutions for my questions.

Check this out: Gig analytics “N/A”