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Will My GIGs get Impressions Views And Clicks If I Turn On The Vacation Mode?


Hi Friends,
Thanks for reading my post.

I want to somewhere for some work and in that place i’ll not be able to open my fiverr account.
So i am turning vacation mode on BUT I don’t want my gigs not to show on fiverr. Can somebody tell me that if I open the vacation mode on will my gigs get the Impressions Clicks And Review And MOST IMPORTANT Will i be able to get orders? Cause sometimes i will try to open my account And if i get some small project to do i can accept that order.

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I’ve Never Turned Vacation mode on that’s y i ask this QUESTION.


Just Read My Case Study on this


Dear @sunny_aldon You Must Aware of this , I better Suggest to put gigs on Vacation Mode


Okay Buy @jamshed697 Is Saying That Your Will Will Not Come In Search And Also I Will Not Get Any Job Order…???


I am Not sure , but currently I am having this issue
two times, i got no issue but third time I am just stucked


So I Think its better not to turn on the vacation mode i will try to open my account everyday. At least one time a day
And fiverr isn’t the same like older days. There are so many bugs and issues. Before this it wasn’t like that


I agree with you, the old fiverr was awesome , but now the upgraded has many issues


Yes But we cannot do anything about it.


When you turn Vacation Mode on, your gigs can no longer be found in search, and buyers can’t place orders. That’s the whole point of the Vacation Mode: to prevent buyers from ordering when you’re not available to work on orders.


He has just asked about ranking not about ordering or not ordering


@sunny_aldon Am I right ?


I Want My GIG to Move Forward In Fiverr


Yes You Are My Friend…


If you put vacation mode on your gigs can’t be seen in searches, won’t get impressions, clicks and views, and it will affect your order rate. Potential buyers can still message you if they already know about you and have messaged you before though, and you can still arrange to get orders from those buyers.

It sounds to me as if you would be better off limiting the number of orders for your gigs to one, and maybe pausing your more time-consuming gigs if you have any. Limiting your orders will hide that gig until you complete that order, then it will show it again.


I Guess You Are Also On Vacations?


He said:

I apologize if I misunderstood.


If you look at a user’s profile it will tell you if they are on vacation or not.


Yes. I Saw Your Profile That Time Your GIG Weren’t Showing And That Y I Ask You…