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Will my name scare away potential customers?

I am confident in my work (even though I have no clients…yet!) but I am afraid I may have chosen the wrong name for this particular sight. What do you think?


Name is not a big factor. If you provide quality service or create good gig, you will get success.


Thank you, Reza. Best wishes.

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What does “Get You Chain Sawed” mean? And what type of Gig do you offer here? Do you cut people in half like a magician?


GG, I make album covers and do digitial editing. What’s your gig?

I am an astrologer.

Unfortunately, I think once you choose a screen name or seller name here, you cannot change it. Just make sure you outline in detail what it is your Gig offers.


Do NOT put your IG name in your profile anywhere. It is a means to contact you offsite, and that is against the TOS and can get your account a warning or even banned. I don’t know if you put your IG name or referred to it in your Gigs, but, just a heads up, that is not something you can do here. Fiverr likes to keep its clients it draws here on site to buy services.



Thank dear ,learn a new thing… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Wowzers, thank you! Saved my buttocks. I will make reading the ToS a priority, in fact I’ll start right now