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Will my "Orders Completed" rate go back to 100% after 60 days?


the title is pretty self explanatory, I’ve read on the dashboard that the ‘order completed’ section shows the analyitics for last 60 days. So does that mean my analytics gor order completion will reset again after 60 days? thanks


Short Answer: Yes

Long Answer:
It doesn’t reset, but suppose from today onwards, you do not have a single cancellation for the next 60 days, when you reach 60 days, it will display Orders Completed = 100%.

Hope that made sense.


The “Orders Completed” ratio will reset every 60 days.


BTW: Just to clarify: (not news to most)

That number is recalculating each day. (AKA a “rolling average”)

It does not “reset” every 60 days, instead it’s covering the last 60 days.

That means tomorrow it will drop off any cancellations you had 61 days ago.

I read the other page, and it contradicts itself. It says it’s “over the last 60 days” AND it says “it resets…”

It makes zero sense to reset after 60 days, but it does make sense to take into account the last 60 days from today. I think the page needs an edit to clarify, but with some statistics background I can say it makes no sense to simply reset every 60 days.

PLUS: My number changed a day ago. If it was “resetting” after 60 days, it would have stayed the same for another month or so, since the feature is new. My number went from 97% to 98%, in a day, which just means a cancellation I had 61 days ago is no longer being added to the calculation…

I also verified with CS this is how it actually works. A rolling average, not resetting every 60 days.


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