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Will my rating be hurt if I delete a gig?

I recently stopped offering a service I used to offer on my very first Fiverr gig. I tried editing the gig description but I kept getting orders for the service I was trying to stop offering. I finally opted to pause the gig. Since I don’t think I will unpause it, I am thinking of deleting it altogether. But I am not sure if this is a good move. I am battling with four main questions:

  1. What will happen to the reviews I had on that gig if I delete it? Will they be lost as well?
  2. WIll deleting the gig impact negatively on my rating?
  3. Is there a limit for how long I can have a gig on pause mode?
  4. Is it better to edit the gig description and try to retain the gig instead of deleting it?

Please help me decide.

Thanks in advance!


The reviews and rating you have will stay on your profile whether the gig is active or not. You can keep your gig paused for as long as you want, so my suggestion is to pause it and create gigs for services you do offer, with no mention of services you don’t offer. If you keep the gig active and just edit the description, the URL will stay the same as before, so you might get people looking for services you used to offer regardless of the new gig description.


It won’t change any rating. :slight_smile:

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Thanks! Very helpful!

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no it does not hurt your gig.:slightly_smiling_face: