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Will my response rating go down ignoring spammy buyers?

I tried to revive this topic on another thread but my post was denied.

I’m receiving an increased number of buyers who are being aggressive about communicating and sharing order details outside of Fiverr despite terms. I attempted to do so once to see if I may have been losing out on an opportunity to sell a gig and it didn’t go well.

I have since reported and blocked them. My issue is with others, I have denied those requests and moved on but they continue to message.

Should I report each one? That seems pretty annoying. If I just ignore the messages will this affect my response rating?

You either need to report these messages as spam or send a quick reply - either way will ensure that your response rate stat isn’t affected.

What you shouldn’t do is just ignore these messages as your response rate will decrease.

That’s what I was afraid of. It’s just getting a bit out of hand, but I guess I will just have to continue to report them.

Yep, sorry! It’s a pain, but ultimately you’ve got to protect your own profile.

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