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Will my sales rise when I reach level one

I been on Fiverr for about 27 days now and since two weeks I’m actually active on the platform. I got 29 orders so far and all positive ratings so I should become a level one user in 3 days. I was wondering if this will have a positive effect on the number of orders I receive? I mean, will my gigs have a higher visibility?

Hie Jimmyfortune,

I just leveled up on Sunday and can share with you my experience. I revised one of my gigs which is the best seller to reduce the amount of work i was doing for $5 so i can start earning more. I immediately lost 2 of my most frequent buyers. They tried to negotiate to keep me offering more for less and they were nice about it however i had to make a judgement call where i accept the lost income in return for more time to do other gigs. With the two buyers i was literally going sleepless trying to keep up with their orders and needless to say the ratio was about $5 for 5-8 hrs work.

That was the bad. The good is that i stuck to my guns and have now been able to expand my gig offerings, added some extras to existing gigs and received my first $15, $10 and $50 orders. That easily makes up for the lost gigs from the other 2 buyers because i am getting better earnings per hour. I haven’t seen any improvement in traffic, in fact i had a few days of no activity whatsoever when i had been getting 2-3 orders a day before leveling up. The ones that have found my gigs though have been able to see my reviews and order from me based on that. So what you get when you level up i think, is more credibility and more time for other gigs once you revise your gigs. Plus you get to play around with extras for gig economy benefits.

Hope this helps


Hi Liliana,

Thanks a lot for your answer! I know exactly what you mean as I sleep for about 3 to 4 hours every night last week… I guess it’s a good thing to have orders coming in, but I hope to make an average of 15$ as well soon :slight_smile: I guess it’s the fun part of Fiverr as well that you can experiment… do I still have sales when I change my delivery time to 48 hours instead of 24, do I still have sales when I ask 10$ for source files, or can I ask a little more because other sellers do it as well… It’s marketing :slight_smile: I’ve been thinking a lot about what strategy to use in the future, but I think it’s a fun aspect.

Thanks for your help!


Reply to @jimmyfortune: I’m totally with you on that. I have been treating Fiverr like a test lab to tweak my gigs, writing style and extras. This is an invaluable platform because in a regular job you are expected to do the same things again and again but on Fiverr you can dare to be different, change your output and develop new skills. It’s a win win i think :wink: