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Will my seller earn less if i use the promo code for first purchase

I received a promo code for first order from Fiverr, like getting 20% off for first order, plus the service fee, so the amount that I will pay is like USD180.

However, I am wondering if the seller receive less money (get USD144) if I use this promo code.

Or the seller will still receive the original amount of order (USD180) as the loss/difference is bear by the Fiverr?

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No, he won’t receive less money. Don’t worry :slight_smile:


Or to explain it better. The reason for that is because fiverr always takes 20% from each order. So your seller will anyways receive 80% of the original amount, which in your case is 144 USD, but your promo code will not affect him negatively.

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Thank you for the reply.

I just knew that Seller receive 80% of the amount. Maybe I should clarify the amount. So the seller will get USD144 no matter I use the promo code or not?

Or the order amount is reduced to USD144, seller will receive USD144 x 80% = USD115.2?

Thank you very much for the prompt reply.


No, it won’t be reduced twice. His final earnings will be 144USD

Basically, fiverr is giving their 20% commission to you, if you are wondering where they get that money from.

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But the amount reduced by the promo code is greater than the service charge/commission fee, that’s why I am concerning about that :slight_smile:

Fiverr makes you pay a commission (something about 2$ if I am not wrong or a small percentage). However, for each order, they take a 20% commission from us sellers as well. So in the case of the promo code, fiverr reduces the price for you and they cover that gap with the 20% commision they always take from the seller.

In summary, you don’t have to worry about anything. I am a seller on fiverr and I’ve had some clients purchasing with a discount and I’ve always earned what I expected to earn.