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Will negative review be removed if the cancellation is not accepted or rejected?

i have done many projects with 100% positive reviews, but last day i got an order , i asked for required files,
but she did not gave me that .
i worked some of her order but as i did not get the actual files and delivered , she accepted that and posted the negative review because i did not done original job, but i kept on asking her for the files i require to work,
i sent her the cancellation request , which i also did previously when she had not given review,
i want to ask if i cancel the order and she did not accept or reject it will after 2 days the order and review will be removed???
please tell me
will negative review be removed if the cancellation is not accepted or rejected.

No it won’t be removed.


I just read your review and it seems like there was a misunderstanding between you and the buyer. I would suggest for the future to make sure you fill in your buyer requirements properly, tell your clients exactly what you need from them.
If you don’t have the stuff that you need in order to complete the gig successfully then rather cancel the order ahead of time before delivering an incomplete project. This will avoid any frustration on both sides and will also prevent negative reviews.
Best of luck!

It won’t be removed, but you can go to Customer Support and explain the situation.

Start a new ticket and upload screenshots of your conversation or order page where you requested the required files and the buyer didn’t respond. Then upload a screenshot of the negative review. Explain in your ticket that you asked multiple times for the required information to finish their gig and your buyer was non-compliant. State that the buyer has not communicated with you and that even though you’ve sent a cancellation request before and after the review, the buyer still won’t help to remedy the situation. Ask for the gig to be canceled so that the review can be removed.

I’m sorry you’re going through such a bad experience. Those kinds of sellers can be a real pain!