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Will not leave a tip "Later"

After accepting a delivery, the next screen after leaving my evaluation of the seller’s service is the message “It’s customary to leave a tip for the seller’s service” and I can either choose to leave a tip or click on the “later” button. No option to say no. No, I will not leave a tip when I as a buyer already pay a 10-20% fee after every order I make, and Fiverr also want to apply the same charges to every tip I might leave. So I would like to see a “no, thanks” button or an equivalent on the interface to opt out from leaving a tip. Even better, stop charging the buyer for tipping. It may be customary to leave a tip, but charging me for tipping is contrary to it; charge the seller if you must. Oh but you already charge them too, do not you?!


Hi Hoicsi, you are absolutely right. Fiverr takes charge from both side (Seller & Buyer) for every order and tip as well. This should be resolved and the charging system from buyer side should be removed for giving a tip. Really, this is too much.

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Actually, Fiverr takes a 20% fee from the seller, buyers, as stated in the terms of service, pay US$2 for orders of up to US$40 and 5% for orders from US$40 up, so yes, they do as they must and it wouldn’t be fair to charge the sellers even more, seeing that 20% vs 5%.
In case buyers wouldn’t be charged that 5% but sellers 25% instead, sellers would need to catch that in their pricing anyway, so it wouldn’t really make a difference for buyers.

You don’t have to leave a tip, I left one for my last 2 orders because I was really happy with the delivery and the price the seller asked was very fair, so I don’t remember what exactly to click to not leave one because it’s quite a while that I didn’t leave a tip but I have also ordered before without leaving a tip, so it’s definitely possible, the site won’t force anyone to leave a tip …

I agree with not charging a fee for tipping, however, we know that’s due to some sellers/buyers abusing the tipping function else to partly evade the fee for the actual service, but I really wish Fiverr could find a better way to handle that than to charge a fee on tips indeed.


This is the exact reason why they apply fees on tips. It’s quite understandable.

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I understand your frustration, as I myself don’t agree with some of the things you mentioned, but I think you’re taking it too personally.

Later is just a soften version of “No, I won’t tip”, and you’re in no way forced to do so, in fact, both my tips and reviews have taken a hit since they introduced this new process for closing an order.

If you still feel like you want to voice your insatisfaction then considering sending them an email, but I also think people need to start realizing what Fiverr brings to the table:

I bet if you take all your past orders’ total value (fees and all) and add a 20% tip (add fees for this too) you’d still get a far cheaper price than ongoing costs for the same services outside of Fiverr.

Just recently another buyer was ranting here saying he didn’t know what he still bothered coming back to Fiverr, and the short answer is that is hard to find the same level of variety and services at this price outside here. Fiverr is, quite honestly, a goldmine for savvy buyers

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