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Will order completion rate increase?

I got my first order some days ago which was cancelled by me now I have no any gig views,impressions and clicks. I have no any buyer request. Will my account overall rating increase after evaluation date ? Please also suggest me should I delete this account and make a new one.

Cancellations affect your seller ratings for 60 days. After 60 days, that cancellation will no longer affect your current stats.

You are only allowed to have one account on Fiverr. Deleting your current account, and starting a new one is not going to guarantee more orders. Just wait 60 days for your stats to recover, and you’ll be fine.


But my next evaluation is starting from tomorrow. Will all be fine ?

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you can create new gig.:slight_smile:

I created new gig but it is not affecting my overall rating.

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Thank you very much. I hope it will help me.