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Will package quotes be released to all categories?

Just curious if this is verified anywhere or not in any kind of announcement, but will the package quotes eventually be released to all categories? I kind of want more digital marketing categories to support it, as well as ones since as the content writing ones. Anyone have any information on this?

i think fiverr is planning to roll it out to most of the subcategories. however this will happen step by step. You can find updates on this thread :

The thread unfortunately seems a bit out of date with the recent addition of digital marketing categories for packages but I see no mention of it there.

However, it does at least the way they phrased it sound like they will be gradually adding it to most subcategories so that’s good.

It just frustrates me knowing that for some of my gigs I can easily sell at a 15 or higher marked initial price but I just can’t set it yet because it’s not fully rolled out yet. sigh