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Will Paypal refund my fiverr earnings to my account?

Hello, I am a new seller and I didn’t have a Paypal account so I created one for Fiverr. But was unable to complete KYC because I am a teenager. I understand it was my fault to create the account in my name than my parent. I contacted CS on Paypal and they asked me to wait for a month so they can resend the money back to Fiverr [ Again it was my fault so I am ok with waiting for a month].

My question is that when they say FIVERR will it get refunded to the company or will Fiverr add it back to my Fiverr earnings so I can withdraw them again after a month?


As per the rules of the Government of India on Paypal.

Paypal can not hold your funds more than 5 business days.

Paypal have to either transfer those to the user bank account or send them back to source.

You can not even use those funds as paypal balance like in other countries.

So the answer is, Yes you will get those funds back in Fiverr balance.