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Will people do this for money?

I was just wondering if people would do it and yes it had three offers too …

People will do it. However, the brand in question will fail miserably. This is because they are investing in marketing filler, not content which is ever going to generate ROI.

Judging by the name of the brand, they are a condom company which caters for men with small wotsits. As it is, very few men are ever going to feel comfortable going into a gas station or pharmacy in public to buy a ‘right size’ condom. It is also not something which is going to take pride of place in your wallet.

Because of the above, the brand in question needs to invest in some pretty smooth and savvy marketing to appeal to consumers. Instead, they are shooting themselves in the foot by going to the most budget freelance market place online, before scraping the floor under the barrel when it comes to their budget and freelancer selection process.

In short, (no pun intended :wink: ) this buyer request might as well be titled, “will you help us run our new brand into the ground for pennies.”

I would happily take on a project like this, However, I wouldn’t take it on for anywhere near this kind of budget - And that is why I rarely eve look at Buyers Requests.


Well I do not agree with you. I believe the buyer or company in question has a reason for sending out a buyers request. I am a business consultant and I know better than to dissuade a startup business from adopting any strategy that best suits them or their purpose. The video ad can be used as it is or after professional editing on various platforms.

Free world it is. Provided there is no violation of Fiverr TOS.

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If you are a professional business consultant, you would know that paying $5 for a 5-minute marketing video is never going to result in anything less than disaster.

Free stock footage is available online but it is all generic. You will not find 5-minutes of free to use footage suitable for this project. Neither is $5 enough to cover 15-minutes of editing or production. The idea is ludicrous.

At best, this buyer will be provided with either a video composed of stolen stock video shorts, or a live action video which looks like it has been filmed on a potato. Someone who works for several hours a day for $5, can’t exactly afford the best production equipment.

You might not like or agree with my position, however it is the only logical one there is.


Made to measure? I can imagine a couple of impoverished ladies somewhere trying to glue together some home made condoms out of plastic wrap.


Hmm, there will always be bargain-basement Buyers. Just like there will always be Sellers willing to accept this offer in a heartbeat. Which is fine and dandy!!!

I read this part of the passage:

The Buyer Request said, "Need good looking female for Youtube videos to record about product female must by open minded for $5 each video will be 4 to 5 minutes.

Seriously? Blah! It takes time and effort to make YT videos. :thinking:

:one: The lighting,
:two: Oh, and if the Buyer wants a good looking female. She’ll need to get her hair and makeup :lipstick: done. Plus wearing a nice outfit. :dress:
:three: Editing the videos.
:four: Open-minded? I wonder what kinda products, things that make ya go hmm. Don’t mind me. My mind sometimes drifts off into the gutter.

Yeah, pretty much. I imagine they had a roundtable discussion.

Mike: I found a site called 5r. We can get pretty girls to make YT videos for $5 bucks.
CEO: Really? That’s amazing, the budget is $20.
Mike: Thank you, sir. I’ll work on this today.




I put this down to some buyers suffering from what are essentially delusions.

Buyers on the absolute lower end of the budget spectrum seem to believe that freelancers invest $1,000’s upfront in things like professional software tools and studio equipment (hence they have no overheads), and are either desperate or altruistic enough to take on any project.

Likely, this buyer has convinced themselves that the next Tara Banks is ready and waiting to help and will appreciate the opportunity to do so. At absolutely no point until they receive a delivery which doesn’t sing with a few $100 of production quality, will they realize that what they are requesting is not possible. Then, though, they will likely feel victimized by scammers selling false promises.

That said, this buyer request seems to be one of a series of similar requests.

This means that this buyer is possibly a reseller. Alternatively, maybe there is just something in the water?


My eyes are literally watering from laughing so hard. :joy:

Miss Tyra would be like…

Possibly, a reseller or something creepy…

Honestly, I haven’t been brave enough to venture into the murky waters of BR. It doesn’t seem like 5r has any intention on revamping that area. It has potential but right now too many flaws. I’m not going to get into those right now tho. :grin:

Looking at those screenies and the offers they’ve received is just UGH. :woozy_face:

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