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Will people think i'm not trustworthy because of my age?


Hi, I am 15 and currently have a gig on Fiverr where I edit people’s videos. I just started using Fiverr but I have over 4 years of video editing experience. It’s been a few days since I opened my gig and I only have about 40 click/impressions and 70 views, but no orders. Is it that people wont buy because of my profile pic? Will they think I am too young and not trustworthy?

Link to gig:

Thanks in advance.


I doubt it’s an age issue. I’ve seen sellers here who list their ages in their profiles and do well. Not many sellers get orders within a few days of creating a profile, especially during a holiday season. Give it more time. Some sellers have to sell at a steeper discount when new to get some reviews. Reviews and sample work or portfolios are more important than age.


You can send offers to buyer requests that you can do. That will help you start getting orders and reviews which will help get more orders. Also you could leave out prices from the gig info video to allow you to set prices of packages to anything you want to.


I check for buyer requests about every 3 hours and reply to every single one. My buyer request prices are low but people still don’t accept them. For example, I have someone who wants a 1-minuite long aftermovie with motion graphics, I give him an offer for $5 when his budget is about $30 and I add a few extra things, such as rendering in 4K, color grading, audio enhancing, and more. Though he still doesn’t accept. This almost always happens with me.


You could try making your offer closer to his budget. If his budget is $30 he may think $5 is not a serious offer or it may get lost in other people’s offers who are sending that low. So send a higher priced offer (eg. maybe at least half his offer price?). Also you mention how you have done something similar in the past. Maybe a dropbox link to an example you’ve done.


It could just be that the buyers are weary of the quality they might get in return for $5. However, sooner or later, I think you will come across buyers who are looking for sellers who can deliver good quality work for $5. If your sales pitch (AKA your buyer request offer) is impressive enough, I think you can turn such prospective buyers into your clients.

Good luck!


Thanks for the advice, though I do not have any orders yet, therfor I cannot link to any samples, I will plan on making the price higher in the future


However, while it is important to provide work in cheaper price, but just think yourself if you post buyer request and your maximum budget is 70$ and you get 20 responses from a seller in range of 5$ to 70$.

Who do you choose?

A seller that is new, providing all things with extras in only 5$ or seller who is experienced, carrying good rating and offering in 30$.
I think you choose the second seller.
Because of your budget! You think 5$ seller will provide cheap service. You are comfortable with paying 30$. Think it more yourself.

You need to present yourself according to buyer requirements. But I don’t want to say that you should rapidly high your prices. Just balanced!:slight_smile::v:


I have changed the problem with the description and made it all to “I”.

Thanks everyone for the advice!


Age can’t stop if you learned skills!:joy: just take it for fun doing jobs here, buyers will definitely help in increasing your pocket money, or who knows, you become top rated seller here!:grinning:


By now you should have a rather extensive portfolio. Your current intro video here doesn’t really showcase your skill. I would recommend choosing something better to wow your customers. You can create a separate gig for different niches and add a video for each gig.

It depends who’s your target audience. Medium sized business will probably not hire you for their internal video editing, but somebody that needs help with their travel video footage might.

You don’t need orders to put together a solid portfolio.

It depends how you’re communicating your service and its value. You can paste one of your offers here and we can explain you what you can improve.


Thanks for the feedback! I will definitely work on these things.


Here is one of my recent buyer requests:

Buyer Budget: $30

My Price: $20

Delivery Time: 2 days

Revisions: 3

Buyer Request: Do an aftermovie of a party in lenght of 30sec. With good vibes and special effects. We will provide pictures, videos and logo in HD quality.

My Offer Description: I will make you an amazing 30-second aftermovie. It will be in full 4K Ultra Resolution and will have some electro music throughout the video. I will also add special effects throughout the video.


Can you please tell me how I could improve my video? Should I add more detail into the services I provide?


This is the entire offer that you sent out? nothing else?
No references to your previous work, no details about the service?


Umm… Yes, that is all I wrote. :confused:

Though I did include the delivery time, the amount of revisions, the price, etc.


What do you think others will write?
How about if you start with something basic like “Hi” followed by 1-2 sentence explanation why you think you’re the perfect fit for this job. For example, if you’ve done similar work before and you have samples then you can drop YouTube or Vimeo links in your offer.

This wasn’t the requirement. If you wish to put it in then you might wish to explain why it matters or if you have a subscription to some kind of background music service provider then you can mention it. If you don’t know much about the content then give customer some options.

Like what kind of effects? Do you have samples?

Others can probably add more tips, but if I was a customer then here’s what I would be looking for

  1. I want someone who has done similar work before, especially if there’s a deadline. I don’t need a rookie that forces me to go through 10 revisions. You have 4 years of experience, so prove that you’re not a rookie :wink:
  2. Inspire your customer. Show them the variety of ways you can deliver the service.
  3. Even though you don’t have feedback on this platform, I’m sure you have received feedback before. As a video editor you might have your own YouTube channel. It’s OK to post YT links in your offer showcasing your best work.


I will for sure be adding these to my next buyer request. Thank You!


Your age is not the problem, maybe because you are still new, keep sending buyers request all you need is to be patient and persistence with time you will start having orders from buyers.