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Will Raising Prices Affect Current Clients?


Hope you’re all doing well.

I’m an artist who has been giving serious thought to raising the prices of my basic offer, as I’m putting in a lot more hours into the work and it’s led to doing far more work than a basic $5 charge, including complete changes in attire, appearance, etc.

I currently have ongoing orders, but I don’t want to upset these clients by throwing an unexpected price raise at them.

TLDR; if I raise the price of my gig, will it affect current clients in my queue?


Currently open orders will obviously maintain their price. Is that what you’re asking?


Hi. I’ve been wondering the same thing.
Is it possible for you to keep the same price but lessen the amount of work put in for a basic gig and charge more for the others (Standard, Premium) ?

Just an idea :grin:

Raising prices should be normal thing with time in my opinion. Just don’t overdo it like me, I used to charge like 5-30$ per job at start (web development so its not 1 hour gig) and then after I got some reviews I raised prices from 15-30$ to 100-200$ (per small website).

After that I was getting 2-3 orders a month. I thought my marketing just sucks and I could earn a lot when I would advertise better. But few months after still same thing.

I changed it to normal prices like 2 days ago (to 5-20$ again) and next day I had 5 orders in queue. And I made my gigs in a way that I can just do everything very quick. Damn, how much potential wasted. But I learned hard lesson - don’t price yourself on how much you want but how much market is willing to pay.

// just checked OP profile, I would try +5$ on every package but definitely would create more gigs