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Will Rated Order affect your statics?


What is the purpose of this rated orders?
You can’t control the buyer to give you a review, it’s their freedom to leave review. You also can’t “force”, keep asking the buyer to left a review.

So how will it affect us?

It won’t. It’s just a metric.


Why do you assume the purpose of statistics is just to tell you something will affect your account?

That isn’t the point.

It’s insight. If you have a high rate of reviews that means the reviews give a pretty clear picture of what your buyers think of you in general. If you had a low percentage of reviews that would tell you the review averages don’t necessarily reflect the general opinion of your buyers.

This stat also tells you that you’re working with people who like to give feedback.

have logic, thanks a lot.

yes, I’m thinking about this too, many of my clients only review for 1st or 2nd order, after that the review will be boring for them I think.
I only has 53%

There’s a saying that no one ever gives a 3 star review. Obviously there are exceptions, but the point being, most of us can’t wait to give bad feedback or praise amazing work. The in between is usually why no one bothers.

If you have a low rated orders percentage, it’s either because of a lot of repeat orders, which is likely a good engagement metric for Fiverr, or it’s because your work is average and underwhelming, but not poor.

I would imagine that it may be a factor for when they are trying to identify high quality sellers or gigs. Not the only factor, but a useful tool for them to look at nonetheless.

If I can think that, you can bet there are smarter people working on their algos who have already considered it.

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