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Will response rate affect?

Hope all. I’m new to Fiverr and I’ve received a message from the buyer. I respond to the buyer within 1 hour. My response rate is 1 hour but the buyer message me after 2 days he has awarded the project someone but he will remember me for future projects.
Should I reply?
will my reply affect my response rate because I received message 5 hours ago?


Response rate only counts for the first time you receive a message from a new contact.

Therefore you don’t need to respond, but it would be the courteous thing to do here.

It will cost you nothing at all to thank them for their consideration and that you look forward to hearing back from them.


ok sir Thank you so much.

You should reply to all the messages you get from buyers whether you want to work with them or not. Otherwise your response rate will go down. I’m telling you this on the base of my own experience. I always replied within few minutes but just not replying back once took my response rate below 85.


Yes, she is Right. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

ok.Thank you very much

Forget about having to reply to all user messages, that’s not correct like that.
You just need to reply to the 1st message of every new person to keep your response rate and time up, anything else would be madness (what if the other person is a seller too, will both reply “Thank you.” to each other until eternity?).

However, as Frank said, while it doesn’t always make sense to reply to a message (if you already "secured your response rate by having replied to a person previously), sometimes it makes sense.
Being polite costs you just a few seconds, and who knows, that buyer might need your service some other time and might get back to you if they filed you under “nice, polite, seems to take their business seriously, maybe could work with next time”.


This is unusually nice for anyone to tell you that. Most do not bother to let you know. I would thank him for telling you.

It only count towards the first message.