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Will safely bookmark your website to 30+ high QUALITY social media sites and ping them for $5


Hi everyone, here is the link and description:

:heavy_check_mark: 100% Google Safe! :heavy_check_mark: Link building is extremely important for your site to rank highly, but if done wrong, it could do more ☆damage☆ than good! I’m using one of the ☆best☆ bookmarking programs available (with many advanced fail-safe functions) together with ☆private☆ proxies (links from public proxies get deleted) so that your sites get listed and ☆stay☆ listed! Sheer number of submissions ☆doesn’t mean anything☆ these days - for you site to succeed you need traffic from sites that are ★trusted★ by Google and other search engines. 10 HQ links will be ★much better★ for your site than 2000 LQ links. I will do your project in ☆3 to 5 days☆ with human-like speed, so everything stays ☆natural☆ looking. Depending on your site’s category, I’ll get at least 30 submissions (number of submissions varies on several factors) and ping them for 1 week. At the end, I’ll send you the report. ★I have a MONEY BACK guarantee on this Gig so you have nothing to lose! Order now!★


Good luck with your gig and welcome to Fiverr. My only concern is that you say

insplisity said: I have a MONEY BACK guarantee on this Gig so you have nothing to lose! Order now

How would you refund the client if they were not satisfied, Fiverr gives buyers a credit their monies are not actually refunded. So a clarification on this statement would benefit everyone


Well, thanks. I’m on Fiverr for two months now, and I was doing quite good (Level 2 seller), but they stripped away my levels, because I mentioned a competing website in a private message (I was just trying to help a guy who asked me some questions). Pretty severe punishment, but I’m OK with that now.

Money Back comes in place if a buyer isn’t satisfied with my work when I deliver it to him. If he says it sucks, I won’t ask any questions, just refund the money (cancel the order). I had about 60 orders so far, and just one asked for a refund, however, I saw him using my work on a mobile market for which I was developing his app.

Kind regards,