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Will Say Anything In A Anime Guy Voice!

Hi there!, I am a experienced voice actor for 7 years and editor . I want to offer you that I can give you a polished and well done work in No time! With a HQ Audio file! For animated characters in feature films, animated short films, and video games, as well as in audio dramas and dubbed foreign language films! #Your-Fiverr-Experience
[And I can try VA a Japanese Romanji Script also! to get a Anime Vibe!]

  • Character

  • Alarm Clock

  • I will join any discord servers you want and say anything!

  • Will do a Anime dubbing with or without background music with HQ!

  • Will say a personal Speech , Poems, Story , Messages.!

  • Youtube videos and etc!

*As long it would follow Fiverr Guidlines