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Will Seller Get Negative review if He Send Order Cancel Request of Late order

Hello !

I Know When Buyer Cancel The Late Order Then Seller Get Negative Review.
BUT I Want To Know That If Seller Send Request For Order Cancellation Of Late Order
And Then Buyer Accept Then Seller Will Get Negative Review Or Not As Well In This Situation??

Actually Someone Ordered Me And Also Started order With Uncompleted Details of Order
Now He Don’t Have Complete Details SO NOW The Order Is Late
And I am Worry That If He Will Cancel The Order Then I Will get Negative Review For NO reason

So What I Want Is To Send Him Cancellation Request But I am Also Worry That May Be In This Situation I also Can Get Negative review

Please Guide If You Have Any Experience About This Or You Did This

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You can send a cancellation request, however if the buyer doesn’t accept it, the order will be closed by the system precisely 48 hours after your initial deadline and you will receive an automatic 1-star review.

Also: please stop capitalizing each word. It makes your post almost unreadable.

ok thanks for your suggestion

Are you the OP?

From a different account?

i am a new seller not op

what will happen if buyer accept my request of cancel order As order Having Late status

[quote=“sseoexpert, post:6, topic:473095, full:true”]
what will happen if buyer accept my request of cancel order As order Having Late status

Will I get 1 star review in this case

If they accept the mutual cancellation, then no.

But then Fiverr will ask them to fill out a short survey asking them why they had to cancel and how they felt about it.

So 1-star or not, your gig will most likely be affected.

first of all thank you bro

brother now my situation is that
my order is late
and i am worry about it that may be my client directly cancel it
so now i am going to send him request
and i hope he will accept

There is definitely a lot to unpack there.

For instance why did you let the order get marked as late and why you aren’t being more proactive with your order.

But that’s for you to figure out at a later time.

All the best.

i was requesting to send the complete details even the order time finished
now he is also offline so we can decide what to do