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Will seller’s level affect his search placement?


Originally asked by @sanverma96 elsewhere, but the point is so important and deserves a thread of it’s own.

This precisely could be the major factor how you business will get effected after 15th Jan.


If you can see into the future that’s great - please send me next week’s lottery results. :slightly_smiling_face:

Anything else is pure speculation, and isn’t good for anybody I’m afraid.


Yeah, Offlinehelpers. We have enough trouble understanding search positions right now - nevermind about having to know them after 2 months.

Just pointing out - this is the most important progress one should keep tab on. Everything else is just a feel good/bad factor (We know for sure, Buyers largely don’t care what level a Seller is)


That is true with my buyers for sure, so I was never too hung up about the TRS thing. It’s more of an ego booster than anything. Search placement is far more important. In fact that is the only thing that matters. [Unless you are a regular buyer like @gina_riley2 who is immersed into the Fiverr culture, I don’t think levels matter at least for my sort of work. Most buyers visit once in a while to get things done, choose a gig that appears when they search for a keyword, one that has good reviews, appears busy and is cheap. And if the seller does a good job, they keep coming back again and again. Understand - for most buyers Fiverr is just another of the many freelancing platforms. They don’t care about it or consider the details as much as we sellers do. ]


My thoughts exactly. As a Buyer/Potential Buyer I never cared which level a seller is and hope that same with most Buyers across the board.

Looking at SERPS, did not find any indication that levels offer a massive advantage either. Let’s hope things will stay this way. If it is otherwise, people are due for a major shock after 15th Jan.


I care.

Some projects I only hire TRS, others must be 2 and higher. When experimenting, I go with various level.


Gina, I know that - but you are an exceptional buyer, one of the rare few. You truly understand Fiverr and could write a book on it.


The shock is going to be with the removal of gigs and gig extras/messing up of gig structures.

I was demoted to level 1 for 1 day last year. Immediately my gig extras (I’ve said packages previously but this was a mistake) were removed and this caused quite a few days of stress, as I had people order and pay tiny amounts for work because there was no option to pay more.

In short, sellers who get demoted might find that they quickly have to amend their gigs to meet new limited level benefits. This (as we know) will lead to gigs disappearing from the search for a while and possible subsequent stresses associated with sales drops etc.

As I keep saying. I like the system in theory. In practice, though, the inherent bugs in the system as it is coupled with no mutual cancellation allowance (I’d be happy with 2 or 3 a month) make it inherently unfair. Good sellers who shouldn’t be demoted WILL be at some point.

There seems to be an argument that anyone against the new system is unprofessional, not committed to Fiverr, and not deserving of their current rank. In my view, however, if I have several income sources and when one starts becoming too volatile, needlessly demanding, or fiddly to work with, I’m going to shift focus from it.

@paulmaplesden has been on vacation for a while now due to being busy. I don’t believe that Paul is anything but professional and I envy his portfolio and success. Would, however, someone like Paul carry on putting effort into a platform if he went to bed on January 14th only to wake up on the 15th and find that a response rate glitch had demoted him to level 1?

Personally, I wouldn’t. I’d feel insulted.

As for search placement overall, it does matter. Having regular buyers is great but they do not last forever. I have an off-Fiverr client who I have had great fun working with since July but their project ends in the new year and they don’t know if they will need my specific services for their next one. - At the moment they need Christmas content and lots of it. In the new year, they might need web design services.

The thing is, while you do appear highly in the search, you get new repeat buyers who make up for repeat buyers who might not need you for a while. These then fall away, the old ones return, and new ones arrive. There is no such thing as a repeat buyer who will walk into a shop every day and buy a tin of beans. One day that buyer might decide they want eggs for breakfast, or they might move to a new area.

All that said, the easiest way (in my view) to compensate for future gig placement and gig structure turbulence, is to edit gigs and offerings now down to fixed prices and numbers of gigs which fit the level 1 criteria.

If people do this and a sudden demotion does happen, sellers won’t be hit with a sudden need to edit gigs etc. Meanwhile, I am also thinking about sending out a video and PDF Christmas card with deliveries over the next few months. In this, I will show people how to find me (on Fiverr) with screenshots showing how to search for my username and why they should because of what new gig offerings I have coming in 2018. - Pretty effing awesome ones I might add :slight_smile:

If you want to be part of the ‘what a great idea herd’ who seem not to be able to appreciate how bugs and/or Catch22 cancellations are going to affect sellers from now on, that’s fine. Personally, though, I see not being a realist and erring on the side of caution as grossly illogical.


@Cy, I am fast becoming a Fiverr cynic like you, from being an eternal Fiverr optimist…


The difference between number of gig extras at level 1 and 2 is only One. Please correct me if I’m not understanding it right. You can always send custom offers upto 5000$ at level 1, if buyers want something more and are willing to pay for it then they will tell you and you can use that. But buyers who want something extra and do not purchase gig extras, did not wanted to pay in the first place.




You’re missing my point. I am not saying that there are not workarounds. I am saying that it is grossly unfair (and it WILL happen) to expect a seller who is demoted for no real reason other than mutual cancellations and ranking bugs, to be expected to suddenly change the way they do business.

It is insulting. Which gig will Fiverr remove if a someone goes down a level? What if it was one which was new but just started getting skyrocketing sales? What if it was your best selling gig? There is no friendly ‘Hi, we’re about to remove a gig because we think you are a bit crap, which should we take?’ One just goes.

I will say again. I am in favor of the new system. But I am not in favor of it being rolled out prior to bugs and things like people placing orders by mistake being compensated for. This is just inappropriate bordering on rude. My response rate has been dropped one point since yesterday because of a spam message I can’t reply too. The actions of a spammer and an automated blocking system are not something which it is fair to measure a persons success by. - Simple.


Puff of sulfur and brimstone

You summoned me?

Ahem. Anyway!

The main difference for me would be if they removed my “Pro” tag. Honestly, I didn’t see much variation in orders between being a basic, L1, or L2 seller (likely because of the pro tag). I am still a little ways off the TRS, and it depends how my non-Fiverr work shakes out for the rest of the year with regard to when I come off of vacation mode here.

I think I would be a little disappointed if I were demoted from my current L2 to L1, but if I am not putting the effort in to maintain the high standards needed for the upper levels, I would only have myself to blame!

I completely agree we should be able to have a mutual cancellation allowance too.


Sorry, I didn’t mean to summon you. I hope that you don’t think I have used your good name out of context. You were simply the first example of stamped and approved professionalism I could bring to mind.

I hope that you are well and I am pleased to see that you too would like to see mutual cancellations compensated for to some degree. :slight_smile: In fact, you just made my world a little bit brighter, Paul!


I enjoy being summoned - it’s my only chance to get out of the house. (Descriptions of my house as “Pandemonium” are almost entirely without merit, no matter how many foster dogs are currently trying to eat the carpet).

The context was fine too - if there’s one thing the freelance economy requires of us, it;s dealing with change - it will be interesting to see how this pans out.

somewhat OT, gig order

Does anyone know if… I pause all gigs and activate them in a certain order (obviously, the best selling gig will end up on spot #1 anyway) they will appear in that order on the gig page and would be ‘turned off’ in a certain (reverse) order as well? I know, certainly we´ll get a mail or notification or something telling us that we need to pause x(x) gigs now because of being demoted, but I´d like to sort my gigs right away so that I won´t have to take action every time I might be demoted or raised to old heights again and could just let Fiverr cut off/re-activate those gigs ‘at the end’.
I´m working on a few new gigs and editing old ones for the New Year anyway, so I´d include this and gig extras etc. in my ponderings.


Kong toys and peanut butter. - You will never struggle with chewed carpets, rugs, shoes, or cushions ever again. That said, when your dogs realize that peanut butter is associated with shopping trips, you might find it difficult to get it to the cupboard in time before being mauled to the ground first.

Also, consider an organic/no sugar variety. :slight_smile:


Agree. Repeat business can slowly and gradually fizzle away and should be compensated with new clients both for income and potential repeat business.

At the same time and in the Fiverr’s context , repeat business has an extremely important role to play - it can moderate and give a positive uptick to what could have been an profoundly negative feedback cycle: Low Serps > Less Orders > Lower Serps > Lesser orders > …

Having followed ‘1 Gig - 1 Price - everything else an custom offer’ route, I never thought Gig structures would be limiting. Pretty much assumed even a New Seller has tall ceilings. In retrospect, you could be correct.


I think 80% of my writing income comes from repeat buyers, who have been with me for years. They keep coming back. If one repeat buyer goes away, another comes back, and then the guy who goes away comes back…that’s why I am to an extent immune to search results/levels and keep my prices at $5/article - they all order 10-40 articles with an order. I don’t want to put my loyal buyers off.


Oh, shut-up writer!! :joy:

(a.k.a ‘you are a peculiar exception to many generalizations’)