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Will someone lend me help?

Hey guys! I’m Mohamed from Egypt. :wave:

Will you check out this marketing idea in my Gig cover and tell me if it’s outdated or not, how much is it working for you on a scale 1 to 10? :thinking:

I’m new to the platform and need some help… Can you take a moment and check my Gig from the link below then tell me if there is anything that needs improvement?

Thanks in advance, :star_struck:

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Hello mate, Interesting question. I just had a look at your gig. the gig line reads

I will tailor an 800 SEO article for your audience to read longer

i found that a bit confusing because you make two claims in it. first you say you tailor it to your audience but then you say you make it artificially longer. that doesn’t work.

There is three types of audiences so why would you stuff an article that is made for an lay audience? the lay audience usually doesn’t like to read lengthy articles. Equally, why would you beef up an article that is made for an academical audience, after all it is context, precision and concise wording that matters to academics. The last audience has many names but you can say that there are executives like managers etc. but again it doesn’t quite work because they rely on facts and graphics in there decision making.

As a lawyer i do know a lot about writing and reading but that seems to be a very confusing statement. Why not just say i will bulk up article or something similar.

hope this helps

Thanks! @ralphwie it helped a lot!