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Will someone order from me and rate me?


As I am new here, I am not getting any orders.Maybe it is because I have no reviews.Is there any kind person who is gonna order from one of my gigs so that we both can be benefited from that?

Keep pushing at the right doors and one will open for you.

I don’t think this is the right door though…

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Asking someone to order from you just to do you a favor isn’t going to work.

I personally wouldn’t order from you. Why? You are from Bangladesh but you have a picture of a model as your profile pic? This shows me you are dishonest and it would be a red flag for me as a buyer. I would suggest you use your own images. Don’t copy from Google. Your gig images are copied as well.

You might want to rework your profile and gigs. Be honest and you might start getting orders.


hi lucifer, This is a Forum.

Will someone buy me a Maybach and customize it for me?

You’ve got a nerve! :smirk:


How will you both benefit from that??
If you give a reasonable and detailed answer, I will order.


As I am new and I have no orders yet, If you order then I will devote myself to your work, because I need positive reviews.You will get the best result out of me.You won’t be disappointed for sure.

So you will be benefited from my hard work and I will be benefited from your positive feedback.

Seeing that you didn’t even consider changing your name. I don’t think anyone will even think about doing work with you.

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stop bitching and market yourself, how are you any different from the hundreds of other sellers having the same gigs as you?

Stop begging, it’s pathetic. get off your ass and market yourself, share your gigs on social media without spamming. Go answer buyer requests.

Bruh! Forum isn’t any charity, and you should know, most of us here are sellers like you. Me, you, a top rated seller, all of us started from zero.
Don’t act like a hopeless kid in the beginning.
Just be patient, be active, use buyer request section.
You will eventually get orders.
If you lose your conference and start begging in forum, then I must recommend you to stop freelancing right now.
Be confident, build up some attitudes to accomplish your job, man! :neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face:


When I order a gig from you on here, am I giving you my soul? I don’t want to give Lucifer my soul.

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Send buyer request! so that you can get reviews and more sales

I can’t change my username :confused:

Honestly = Trust. Trust = Satisfied clients. Satisfied clients = Repeat business. Repeat business = more business.

On my personal list:

  1. Honesty
  2. Awesome customer services
  3. Quality creations

Yes - Honesty is my number 1 priority.

:bulb: Joe



Be original. Your profile picture, yes YOURS is a stock photo taken from the following link:

Then you are wondering if anyone is kind enough to buy from you? Why would people be kind enough to buy, and that too, from YOU when you are hiding with a stock photo?

Then, I noticed that your fiverr profile says, Hi, How are you? what do you mean by that? Take a look at a top rated seller’s profile and you will notice how they present themselves. Sorry dude, but the issues is that YOU are NOT taking this platform seriously.


You don’t need to change your username. Put your real name in description and use your own profile picture :wink:

I love lucifer :stuck_out_tongue:

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Brilliant response Anna