Will someone please explain the logic behind this ? I'm asked to remove external URL from description, but there is no link at all there!



For 2 times in a row someone from Fiverr’s editorial team demands from me to remove an external link from my gig’s description… even though there’s no link at all in my gig’s description ! :confused:

Is this a discrete way to force me not to offer social signals or what ? I really don’t understand.


This is likely because you say “I need your link” and the word “link” is not allowed. Whatever software Fiverr uses to scan your gig description isn’t sophisticated enough to determine that you didn’t provide a link and that you are asking for one in order to complete your work.

Try finding another word to replace “link” or otherwise circumvent the word. That should fix it. In fact, to check if the word “link” is, indeed, the problematic part of your description, you can delete it entirely and see if your gig updates. If it does, then you know it’s “link” and you can fix the problem.

Best of luck with your gig description!


Thank you for your reply buddy.

I thought of the same thing, it was written “URL”, only afterwards I changed it to “link” just so there’s any kind of modification. Using the word “link” is allowed, I assure you, hundreds of gigs use it.

Here’s what happened to the previous gig which is now denied:

  • got the same warning about the URL. Fair, because there was an URL-checker written.
  • I removed it and the gig was accepted (so it’s real people who do the approvals/denies, not a software)
  • After 2-3 days the gig was removed due to a “3rd-party complain…” which is a total BS because I didn’t use any text/pic or whatever which belongs to any 3rd-party subject. The reason why it’s removed is because someone in Fiverr won’t allow me to offer Facebook social signals, people complain about this on forums for 2-3 years already.

I guess I should find a hot-dog costume and perform like a street entertainer so Fiverr would accept my gig. And no, this is not my 1st time on Fiverr, I’m extremely active since the very beginning.