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Will the $5 gig be paid on hourly basis or according to minutes of the video?

I need to know that I have a $5 gig for Subtitling videos. The buyer’s video is 21 minutes long.
My question is that what will be the total offer amount?
Is the $5 gig rate per hour basis ? or will the minutes be considered?

The buyer says that "if you charge $5 for 15 minutes, then per minute is $0.33. so 21 minutes would be additional $2, as extra are six minutes, so 6 minutes x $0.33 = $2. so the total cost would be $5 +$2 = $7, right?"

is the buyer right?

kindly guide me as I am new here on Fiver.


You just have to do the math. You can do math and be new on Fiverr at the same time.

Charge what you want to charge, as long as the math makes sense. There’s no standard that says you should charge a certain number.

By the way, you’re extremely undercharging. You’re just begging to get scammed. There’s no point in being a seller if you’re just going to exploit yourself. Why would you voluntarily pay yourself like pennies per hour? The only way this could be viable is if you’re making subtitles without actually following along to make sure it matches what’s on the screen and no buyer wants subtitles that haven’t been checked for accuracy.


Raise your Gig price. Research what other “subtitle” gigs are charging and start there. You have the ability to control the prices not the buyer.

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It is what you decide it is, as long as you clearly explain it in your gig description.


Thank you so so much for your guidance everybody. This means a lot. I will act upon all the advises given to me from all of you.