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Will the buyer be able to write a review if I cancel the order?

Hello to everyone! I’m a seller and I delivered the order to my buyer but he sent me a revision. He wants changes that cannot be made. If I cancel the order, will he be able to write me a review? I delivered the order on time but now the deadline has passed.

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If you delivered the order through the order page before the deadline, the late notification isn’t valid. If you cancel the order they will not be able to leave a review but keep in mind your stats will take a hit and it may affect the location of your gig.

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Thank you so much for your fast answer! Appreciate it! Yes this may hurt my rank but I don’t know any solution for this problem. Otherwise this guy can leave me a bad review.


If you and buyer will cancel the order on Mutual Agreement then buyer cannot leave review simply order will be cancelled. but if you will deliver the order and buyer accept the order then buyer can leave review.

Hope you understand it.

Тhank you! I will cancel the order, there is no other way here.