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Will the current, 2020 10% off Fiverr order be taken from my earnings?

I contacted Customer Support to ask the 10% off question because I could not find a thread on the forum.

My question to any expert is, does the current promo code for 10% off of a Fiverr buyer’s first time purchase affect my earnings on that transaction? Where is the discount taken from?

If I get a response from CS I will share it here.


I saw that! I also want to know. They already take 20% of our earnings, how much more do they want?

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Also if my buyers ask me I need to know how to correctly answer them about this discount code.

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Yep. It will take it.

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Darn it😞 I half expected it anyway

It shouldn’t affect you.

Suggest you keep an eye on the order and contact Customer Support so that they can reimburse you if there is a problem.


I did contact CS and they replied right away. They wanted to know the exact promo code 30GET10 just to make sure she gives me the correct information. I will keep you posted.

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Of course it will not effect your earnings. You aren’t offering the extra 10% off, Fiverr is. If it was something that would effect a seller directly Fiverr would simply raise the 20% fee to 30%.

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Here is the reply from customer service:

“regarding the other question - you are paid as per usual, no deduction will be taken from you, as the promo codes are issued by Fiverr and will be covered by us.”


there, you should not be worried. you will get exactly as you expected :smiley:

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Have you experienced this before or are you just guessing?

It’s discounted from the 20% cut Fiverr takes - they’ll be making 10% instead.

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My latest buyer will probably never buy anything else on Fiverr and it was his first order.

My price was 30$ he had discount code 30% so I offered the price of 39$.

He accepted.

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Based on my answer from customer service you should get all your earnings from the order.