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Will the decreased activity at the moment be a problem once the search testing has been solved?


will the decreased activity at the moment be a problem once the search testing has been solved?


The best we can do is wait patiently :frowning:
I know you’re frustrated and so am I but being angry isn’t gonna fix anything.


PEACE :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Have a read on this post. A post from FIverr Stuff :wink:


Maybe Natalia Contreras complained about you misrepresenting yourself as her?

Just a thought…



Just as a FYI, 5r staff does not read or monitor the forum. Unfortunately, no one can check on the status of your ticket.

I am a buyer and was frustrated too yesterday when searching for sellers. I couldn’t find the sellers in that I needed and gave up - temporarily.

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Thank you for letting me know :frowning:
It’s really frustrating :disappointed:


Still it’s a damage :disappointed:


almost everyone’s business is going down from last month.


I second you @design_ish. Thankfully my business hasn’t been “ruined” as of yet BUT I admit there’s a downfall in regards to orders. I mean… a real one! April has been an absolute blessing in general (I worked from April 12th to April 30th) with the best day (order-wise) being the 21st. However, things began to slow down by the 28th and till today (May 4th) I’ve only been able to complete 6 orders.

One might think I’m nagging, which I’m not, I’m “grateful” for even having those few orders but I couldn’t help but wonder about the reason behind that. I do not promote my services, I didn’t change my marketing scope, I retain a 100% positive record, I even went on to create videos for my gigs!

I have low hopes for May given the performance these first few days but I sincerely hope it’s fixed soon…


You had a most recent delivery one day ago. You have 3 reviews in the past day.
Relax. You have more impressions now than I ever get.

I would be disinclined to do anything to help someone who talked like this.


It’s good you visited.
But these are NOT new orders, as I am a graphic designer these were my revisions which I delivered.
And the reviews where on orders which were placed almost 3 weeks ago.

I have literally no NEW sales, and this is concerning me A lot. How can I be relaxed when I am not getting new orders new acivity on my gig.
This will be a trouble for me even when the search is set.
My gigs would automatically fall down.


Unfortunately you’re not understanding my situation, ofcourse because you might have a different niche than mine.
Graphic designers have on going modifications and revisions. And when they make submission to a revision it shows as a delivery.

Hope that helps you understand better


I could have sworn that someone wrote on the other thread it was back to normal??


I don’t know :frowning:
I haven’t yet felt the difference :weary:


@design_ish Using a stock photo as your personal profile is outright wrong. I suggest you change it to your logo or a picture of yourself.


Well, I guess it’s too soon to judge, May is at its beginning so let’s hope there’s room for improvement :slight_smile: While waiting for the situation to get better, why don’t you tweak your offers and update your listings or test the waters with a few new keywords?! It will keep you occupied and you won’t be constantly thinking of how slow this period is for you.


I hope that you have permission to post this image. It is copyrighted by Paul Ticzon you know…


Thank you. I’m taking this into consideration.
will do it and Yes Right. Let’s hope for the best


Hopefully everything will be solved :slight_smile: Let’s just hope for the best :slight_smile: Surely Fiverr won’t let their sellers down with their new algorithm :slight_smile:


Mostly welcome :slight_smile: a piece of advice though… initiating multiple threads under the exact same subject is kinda confusing :slight_smile: Many sellers are worried by the orders’ decrease but we all try to stay calm!
PS: Any chance that buyers have been put off by the copyrighted image you use as your profile pic? @cyaxrex is right, you might find yourself in trouble…putting a face to a name is of importance when doing business, don’t be hesitant to use a real picture of yours :slight_smile:

All the best