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Will the main site load for you all the way?


I can get on the forum, but the main site seems to be partially down? When I try to load it it doesn’t show any picture. It just shows links. If I click on a link (for example, Manage Sales) it will just sit there. It’s been working great all day then Boom. I have an order that’s completed, and I need to deliver it. It won’t let me do that. I have 2 more I need to complete within the next few hours, but I can’t get to them. I use Chrome, and just tried Firefox and Explorer. It’s doing the same thing. Any one else having problems? Any suggestions?


Hey, you’ve probably noticed - it’s up!!! :slight_smile:

Just delivered 2 orders, only 1 left to work on for now…Yay!


Seems the site is down.It partially loads for us too.


It’s helpful to know it’s probably not on my end. I hope it works soon…


I thought it was just me… it’s been down for quite a while now.


@leesanowar - Thanks for letting me know.

I still have orders to do and I won’t have any time to do Fiverr gigs over the next four days. I guess a good lesson not to leave your orders for the last minute. :slight_smile:


I’ve been wanting to upload an order for the longest while now. This is gonna hurt some people’s deadlines.


Same problem , can not open the page , login . Website is down.

App is working but they do not give an option to deliver orders there…


Has anyone contacted fiverr support yet?


I haven’t, as I assume they would know. But if you decide to contact them - let us know what they say! :slight_smile: